Epione is an injectable GS-441524 which is a molecular precursor to a pharmacologically active nucleoside triphosphate molecule that exhibits potent antiviral activity against a number of RNA viruses. Basicly, it’s a new treatment for FIP.

It inhibits RNA replication of the virus that causes FIP in cats. Recommended treatment by Dr. Pedersen usually lasts for 84 days with a low incidence of relapse. Please check your cat’s both hematology and biochemistry bloodwork with your veterinarian monthly.

Please contact us about the treatment your cat should get.

FIP is a very fatal viral disease caused by the coronavirus. A mutation in Feline Enteric Coronavirus can cause the FIP and it usually occurs in young cats which are 0-2 years old. It has 2 forms called wet (effusive) and dry (non-effusive). Infected cats can have symptoms of one form or a combination of both.

Diagnosing FIP might be challenging due to inability to discriminate FIP causing strains from Feline Enteric Coronavirus. But the symptoms will lead your veterinarian to discriminate it and start the treatment.